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Parier Sur Betfair
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Parier Sur Betfair

Parier Sur Betfair

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I start to lose give attention to my business and in less than 2 months im broke. its at the age of 25. from 25-27. I have been going via the life where i still earn money but i by no means secure cash, i make my new gf pregnant and that i take care of them however i still gamble... again... i was in a sudden working miracle luck i have been winning and profitable and winning. I spend money like its no worth, i dwell the most costly resorts, i purchase luxurious goods and i assumed that i can have a proper bankroll administration on my playing strategy.. I have no different possibility i exploit my leftover money and gamble once more.. guess what it happens once more. I won a lot of money. And it once more didnt final long.

Hi all. I read all these comments and agree with all of them. I feel Iv misplaced about £50k plus yet my dream is to stop and try to get again my old life before the roulette machines. I had savings a pleasant home a loving household however IV MISPLACED ALL OF IT. I do know live in a spot that I hate that gets me down and like an fool I'm going and return to the place that has been the reason for my crap life. Tried to self exclude my self from them places however for my part it wants an even bigger effort from the betting shops so that you exclude your self from one it must be your excluded from EVERY bookies not simply the hand full you nominated. As a result of its an addiction and if you can't bet in there store you will like I do drive to a store that lets you in. This battle needs every assistants/assist it will probably get to offer it up.

This is a shortlist of my personal favourites, please be at liberty to comment and publish your favourites below. My favorite quote, however I do not keep in mind where I heard it: "Its not how you fall, its the way you land." Thanks for the comment! Yeah Clough's quotes are nice, there are loads more of his that I could have put on this, the quote you mentioned is certainly one to keep in mind for all things, as well as in sport :) We're a baseball family. Whether or not you play Pony or Little League, it is an excellent sport for youngsters to grow and study.

Great going Gerry! Do not beat yourself up Steve, just begin once more. I gave up for about 8 months and it was really easy to slip up once more. I am developing 2 weeks now so am actually happy for that. I play the 'if only' sport too typically and it does not assist...it does not change my finances or something. What counts is what I do now and I select to not gamble. Thanks a lot for your posts...they keep me sturdy. I spend all day everyday working how much I'm up or down. I never go to mattress up as I am grasping and put it straight back on. A number of hours later went on the roulette machine in William hill. 200 of it in and obtained it up too 1,a hundred. So I've walked out at 9 'clock with 1800 up 1300.

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